Sacred Sound

“I felt the love from the world coming through the music and the love from me going out into the world”

  - Nursing Home Resident

Abigail with harp

My name is Abigail Robinson and I have for decades explored and discovered many forms and applications for sacred sound which are described in these pages.

I offer Music-Thanatology vigils and other forms of palliative care music for the dying and their families; lectures and workshops in sound healing and in working with death and dying. These are available from January on an expenses only basis while this field is being pioneered and a charitable trust established.

My Personal Task and Vision

I once had a vision of being at the bottom of a vast chasm, with a chink of light coming in from above. I was shifting huge stones the size of myself and then placing them very carefully into position. This task was an eternal one. What mattered was the precision of where the stones were placed and I knew it could take lifetimes to get the stones into their correct positions, but this was a prerequisite for the building of a temple. The stones represented self-acceptance and were the cornerstones for building a temple to love. It was a great and ongoing struggle to simply place these four stones, but in this place I also knew this was the only urgent priority and I had literally all the time in the world to complete this task.

This vision informs all that I do and the way I teach as so many of us in the west lack these fundamental building blocks to wellbeing. Sometimes all that is needed is presence, and space, and an attentive witness to enable us to embrace ourselves and remember the love that we are.

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