"I feel my soul expanded mightily through these days, and I am truly blessed that our souls’ journeys crossed paths. I know I am richer for it than I can realise right now. My heart is singing, my body is singing with gratitude for the healing that took place. I have experienced births and deaths, deaths and births over these days helping me to walk the cycle of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration more comfortably”

  - Workshop Participant


I teach people ways to feel more present in their body and spiritually enlivened through sounding, listening, movement and visualisation exercises. My main focus is to provide people with the tools to nourish themselves as well as each other. Toning and breathing are particular pathways to deepening our relationship with our bodies, each other and our environment, enabling the possibility of sustaining a greater capacity for compassion.

Bodywork and breathing exercises can lead people through a process of surrender, allowing a deeper aspect of the Self to move through them.

Facilitating others in learning their own relationship to sound through toning and/or overtone chanting, they can feel the impact of each vowel on their own particular physiology and psychological state. Technical vocal exercises give way to a sounding that connects them to their deepest state of truth. This develops the capacity to pay attention to and witness the Self. It also acts as a vehicle for communicating this gentle witnessing state through their vocal expressions to others.

The principal method for making a connection with an individual and/or group is through working with the breath. Silently breathing in the rhythm of another’s pattern of respirations and or working with the inhalation and exhalation with adapted musical phrases creates a visceral understanding of anothers’ world that extends empathy to a much vaster dimension.

When appropriate, providing a stronger matching breathing oscillating force and gradually extending the musical phrasing will deepen and slow the recipients breathing, altering the sense of duration initiates the performer and/or listener into the depths and life of sounding the infinite silence.

All workshops are provided on a charitable basis.

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